(Washington, DC – April 11, 2016) –  Galileo Analytics Co-Founder and CEO Simon Fitall will join a group of prestigious speakers at next week’s International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization (II-SDV) in Nice, France.

Fitall’s presentation will focus on the need for dynamic exploration of complex health data based on both health care transactions and clinical care.

Using examples from Galileo Analytics’ Galileo Cosmos platform, Fitall will review how new data mining and visualization methods can overcome many of the shortcomings of the most commonly used analytics platforms, which require analysts to first limit the complexity of the data before conducting an analysis.

More information on about both the II-SDV conference and Fitall’s presentation are below:

Visual Data Exploration – Having a Conversation with Complex Data to Understand What Else it Contains

Simon Fitall (Galileo Analytics, USA)

11:30 – 12:00 pm CET

About II-SDV

The 2016 II-SDV meeting takes place April 18 and 19 in Nice, France at the Hotel Plaza in central Nice. The meeting provides an international forum for those in the field of advanced search applications, data and text mining, and visualization technology. The primary focus is on tools for intelligence and the meeting examines the requirements of specialists in scientific and technical information.



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Anna McCollister-Slipp is co-founder of Galileo Analytics, a Visual Data Exploration and advanced data analytics company focused on democratizing access to and understanding of complex health data. In addition, she is the Chief Advocate for Participatory Research at the Scripps Translational Science Institute, where she is charged with bringing the expertise of patients, caregivers and community physicians into the design of health research. Anna’s passion for innovation in health data research is rooted in her personal experiences living with type 1 diabetes. As an entrepreneur and advocate, she speaks frequently about the promise of digital health, the imperative for patient data access and the need for improved outcomes measures for chronic disease. Anna serves on a number of government and private committees and boards aimed at promoting innovative ways to better understand, manage and treat complex health conditions, such as diabetes.

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