Galileo Analytics today announced the world-wide launch of Galileo Thermometer™, a rapid-turn around platform for providing customized analysis of de-identified electronic health record data from the US and Europe.

Galileo Thermometer™ provides pharmaceutical decision makers with access to custom-designed and developed reports, making it possible to gain a quick read or “temperature check” of specific segments of physicians and patients.

Through a partnership with Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD), Galileo Thermometer™ will draw from de-identified electronic health record data from more than 30 million patients  and greater than 30 thousand physicians in the US and the top five markets in Europe.

“For too long, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have been forced to either wait months to gain access to customized market analyses to inform their decisions,” said Simon Fitall, CEO of Galileo Analytics. “Often, they don’t have that time, so they have to make critical go, no-go decisions amidst a veritable vacuum of information, cobbling together analyst reports or outdated journal articles to inform billion dollar decisions. Galileo Thermometer is designed with these pharma decision makers in mind.”

The ease of use, flexibility and speed of Galileo Cosmos™, Galileo Analytics’ proprietary visual analytics platform, makes it possible to quickly access, view and analyze even the most complex data sets, while providing the results quickly and at an affordable price.

When combined with Cegedim Strategic Data’s extensive, longitudinal, cleansed and normalized data sets, Galileo Thermometer™ will enable all clients to get a quick read on the ‘temperature’ of the markets they need to assess to inform critical business intelligence and licensing decisions.

Galileo Thermometer™ – Fast, Accurate and Affordable

Galileo Thermometer™ will provide pharma decision makers with the option of purchasing four different levels of reports, depending on the amount of detail they need to inform their decisions. The client will have the ability to determine what data elements are most critical for them for that project, then select the level of report that fits with those needs and their budget.

Thermometer reports are designed to be affordable to small and large companies alike. The first level of report, which provides in-depth data for four distinct data elements, is available for $20,000. Prices escalate from there, depending upon the level of details, dimensions and analyses needed by the client.

About Galileo Analytics

Galileo Analytics is a visual data exploration and analytics company aimed at democratizing the ability to analyze complex health data. Galileo Analytics’ proprietary analytics platform, Galileo Cosmos™, enables any researcher, regardless of their technical skills, to conduct sophisticated, real-time analyses of clinical health data through a visually compelling, dynamic, drag-and-drop interface. For more information visit


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Anna McCollister-Slipp is co-founder of Galileo Analytics, a Visual Data Exploration and advanced data analytics company focused on democratizing access to and understanding of complex health data. In addition, she is the Chief Advocate for Participatory Research at the Scripps Translational Science Institute, where she is charged with bringing the expertise of patients, caregivers and community physicians into the design of health research. Anna’s passion for innovation in health data research is rooted in her personal experiences living with type 1 diabetes. As an entrepreneur and advocate, she speaks frequently about the promise of digital health, the imperative for patient data access and the need for improved outcomes measures for chronic disease. Anna serves on a number of government and private committees and boards aimed at promoting innovative ways to better understand, manage and treat complex health conditions, such as diabetes.

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