(Washington, DC – September 19, 2012)  Galileo Analytics Co-Founder Anna McCollister Slipp was appointed today to the Steering Committee for the US Food and Drug Administration’s Medical Device Epidemiology Network (MDEpiNet), a public-private partnership being spearheaded by FDA to establish a system for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices.

The MDEpiNet is a public-private partnership between Food and Drug Administration (FDA), academia and other stakeholders including clinical community, patient advocacy groups, medical claims payers, other government agencies and medical device industry to advance existing infrastructure and methodology for studying safety and effectiveness of medical devices.

FDA’s MDEpiNet initiative is envisioned to improve the current paradigms of scientific evidence generation, accumulation and appraisal throughout device life cycle. Its primary mission is to identify, evaluate, and implement new methodological approaches for data collection, analysis, and integration of premarket approval studies, post-market epidemiologic studies and surveillance, domestic and international registries and registries consortia, medical claims data, electronic health records, published literature, and other relevant data sources.

For more information on MDEpiNet, visit www.fda.gov/MDEpiNet.

Simon Fitall

About Simon Fitall

Simon is a knowledge engineer with 30 years experience in market research, data analytics and business intelligence within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. With multiple patents in the field of advanced medical data analysis, Simon is an expert in data analysis with more than 20 years experience in working with, analyzing and creating models with patient data.

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